VA Chicago Region Under Siege!!       

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Tommy W. Howard                                                                                                         October 26, 2018

2720 N. Sheffield Ave. Apt. 101

Chicago, IL. 60614

[email protected]

Mr.& Mrs. Kim & Kanye West

Dear Mr.& Mrs West

Two of the most powerful people in America, Mental Ill Disabled Veterans and myself needs your help

This why; Sixteen years, Twelve Unjustified VA decisions, Unjustified because the Department of Veterans

Affairs never used Due Process required by the U. S. Constitution I have never had a hearing or said a word

Twenty three Letters of Constitutional Complaints regarding Disabled Veterans and myself to the Presidents

Of the United States all blocked by someone in the White House playing God with Disabled Veterans

Constitutional Rights. Two things we need your help with now, One, Please ask President Trump to review

my VA Case Filed for Violations of the Fifth Amendment Right to Due Process. Twenty of the Twenty three

Complaints was to President Obama the last three was  to President Donald Trump.

Probable cause that will make you pick up the phone,  A Conspiracy in the White House, three steps I will

prove  a Conspiracy in the W. H.. 2014 I built a homemade website.  please read

my home page, click read (Consp. In the W. H. ),(VA reply letter) dated April 11, 2011 was in reply to my

letter to Pres. Obama dated Dec 2 2010, the W.H. blocker sent a letter of inquiry, It was a trick letter what

did it say, Nothing. Webster says, Conspiracy; A secret plan made by two or more people to do something

that is harmful or illegal.The W.H. and VA conspired together to Steal my Constitutional Rights that allowed

them to Steal sixteen years of benefits. Roll down to VA reply letter dated Feb 24, 2014 to First Lady

Michelle Obama this is what it said ; what is Being Questioned? Mr. Howard expressed his concerns

regarding Constitutional Issues, that’s proof the W.H. and VA conspired together, A secret plan and the

President doesn't know anything about it and (that’s a Conspiracy). I was Robbed for bonus money one

hundred and fifty million a year. The newsletter  dated July 16, 2016 from with President Obama signature

Is on, more proof someone in the W.H. know and never raise a finger  

Mr. & Mrs.West this is what I need, Please ask President Donald Trump to review my VA Case Filed

for Violations of my Right to Due Process.

Finally, Several years ago I began to write down everything now it’s a tell-all book maybe two, one

word explosive. I have never written anything before I believe I need a co writer someone that has

written a tell-all book. There are many who turn their backs on a Disabled Veteran with Violations

of their Constitutional Rights